Engagement Invitation Flyer Template

The engagement function allows both the families a chance of meeting each other prior to the wedding event in a relaxing circumstance. Sometimes, it is the first time that the members of both the families can meet the soon-to-be wife or husband of a loved one. A ceremonial engagement invitation template is very significant as it assists in preparing plans and arranging an invitation party of any couple. You can save a lot of your valuable time and effort spent in writing the invitation using the ready to use design and layout of any specialized invitation template. The particulars of the engagement function and other important data are suitably expressed on the template.


Before finalizing the invitations, you should take care of a few points. First, decide on the theme of the invitation; either it is formal or informal; contemporary or conventional.  Furthermore, what color combinations to be used. Also note the necessary information to be provided, like the hosts’ names, venue of the event, the type of function. The date and time, and any other important points like the dress code, etc.

You can use this engagement invitation flyer template created with Microsoft Word specially to have fun with family members, close friends and colleagues. This is a free Engagement Party Invitation flyer template that is only one of its kind and can be customized to suit your own necessities. You can add from a wide collection of famed quotations, poetry and extracts to your special invitation card to make sure the finest wordings for your extraordinary event. The Engagement Party Invitation Flyer content must be concise, clear and to the point!

Here is the preview of this Free Engagement Invitation Flyer Template,

Engagement Invitation Flyer Template


Download-Templates.jpg (184×32)

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