Song Story Play-Date Toddler Flyer

A play date refers to some sort of play session for small children planned by their parents beforehand. It is an educational gathering organized by a number of parents to have their young children plays collectively, and as a result learn more.

In a song story play date, children are taught in the manner of singing a poem or rhyme, or by telling them a story. This way, children can often learn collectively more than they could have learnt otherwise. Usually, lessons derive from an anecdote as parents and children take pleasure in a music class based on some well known children’s story. In each class children link up study and fun by reading, singing, dancing, playing, and discovering devices with actions based on the recited story. It allows the children to grasp heavy principles easily, and also helps to build self confidence and a sense of responsibility and co-relation among children.

In case you are arranging a song and story play date for children, you can use this useful song story play date flyer template for children designed in Microsoft PowerPoint.  It is just the right thing for your song or story play classes or for your child’s learning event. You can change the images as well and add your own child’s photograph or some other image from your personal gallery and add customized text about your event. You can also put in the date, time, contact details and site for the play date. If you have any specific remarks or restrictions, simply include that also.

Here is the preview to this Free Song Story Play-Date Toddler Flyer,

Song Story Play-Date Toddler Flyer


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