US Memorial Day Flyer

US Memorial Day, formerly known as the Decoration Day, is celebrated on the final Monday of May. This is a day to remember the men and women who gave up their lives while serving for the country as working in the United State Army Services. People all across the nation celebrate this day with commemoration of all the great people who served the nation with their blood.

It originally began among the northern societies after the American Civil War to honor the brave soldiers of the Civil War. Later on, it had been broadened to tribute all the Americans who gave up their lives in all wars. By the start of this century, Memorial Day became a general event for more wide ranged term of reminiscence, as people visited the graves of their late family members, regardless of if they had worked in the armed forces or not.

It also became an extended weekend mostly dedicated to outings, family get togethers, fireworks, fun fairs, and national media events. Memorial Day, usually symbolizes the beginning of the summer holiday season.

Different societies and areas organize different events for their tribute on this particular day. This US Memorial Day Flyer template is specifically created for this extraordinary day. You can utilize it for your functions that you are planning to host on the US Memorial Day. This is a fine looking template showing the US flag, mostly suitable for any patriotic event. This flyer template has been created in Microsoft Word 2007, so it can be reorganized with all the details related to your special event without difficulty.

Free US Memorial Day Flyer Preview,

US Memorial Day Flyer


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