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One of the beauties of the Christian Church is its worship. There are at present two compilations of services and prayers approved to be employed in the Church. For each set, there are the Morning Prayer services, the Evening Prayers and Night Prayer.

Night Prayer or the Prayers at the ending of the day is the concluding church service (or Office) for the day in the Christian tradition.  Usually, in many divisions, it is the normal routine to initiate the “Great Silence” after the night prayers, for the duration of which the whole group of people, as well as guests, observes quiet all through the rest of the night till the first prayers of the next day.

In classified or public divisions, the prayers continue for twenty four hours a day, all through the year. The church encourages you to be present for prayers during the all night prayer time. Usually, Wednesday evening are reserved by the faithful group of worshipers for church night prayers.

This Church night prayer flyer template is created to help you maintain your prayer meetings schedule and for Bible studies. It contains the required information for all your religious gatherings and can be easily printed out in your own home without ay trouble of having to contact any other professional help for the designing or printing of any flyer. It allows you to make and also categorize Church meeting information, collective bible reading events, church night prayers, etc. At the same time, it is a plain and easy to use flyer for your daily usage, due to a well organized user interface.

Free Church Night Prayer Flyer Preview,

Church Night Prayer Flyer


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