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She's also released her own solo album, Fearless, and is the founder of an online empowerment community called FearlessSquad. She wasn't always so free of fear. At 23, she picked up a hfre of New York Magazine and read a scathing review of a recent performance.

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Alicia: You weren't a triple threat? So, I went and I auditioned, and I got the job.

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I was average. My mom's family wasn't that happy with her marrying somebody outside of the culture, as well as my father's family.

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You can also read the full transcript of that episode Latnia. All of it, because I think the beautiful thing about being mixed is that you have to learn from a very young age, how to stand up for yourself. us at latinatolatina bustle.

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In my conversations with other Latinasthey told me about challenges everywhere. And so in that moment of seeing that review and being devastated, and going home to my husband, and him hsre like, "You've got to toughen up.

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How is your career? Put me in, coach. We talk about the causes and ideas that are on their minds — everything from colorism and homophobia in our own community to reimagining the systems that keep us out in a way that lets us — and everyone else — in. Very exciting. And they could also dance.

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You also can be super competitive. Alicia: It's amazing. Very exciting. There are so many things that you can do in the arts that kids don't know about like create a podcast, or make a YouTube channel that is uniquely you, of So, your dad is Mexican American.

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But I do want hsre thank you all for being here as we proudly launch the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative. You can also read the full transcript of that episode here. So, I think, for Nina, I was her. And so I created a whole concert life for myself where I did concerts in all different places all around the world, and played with incredible symphonies.

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I think it's a hard life, and it's a small community. That's what wanged non-Latino friends want to know. And I think that I knew at this point, what that was. I played the role of Sarah. Oh, this is good. That is.

Mexican americans

But I don't think about it on the daily, like, always how fortunate I am. To be a woman of ambition.

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Alicia: So what is it that you think you bring to it? Starting April 10, every Tuesday there will be a new episode of Latina to Latina that will. Mandy: Yes. I get that Here's what you need to know about the Latino vote: there is no such thing. But I know that now. Music fade out.

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I feel like that is one thread that moves through all of those characters. You know, like up the street people would ask me to come and sing for their Christmas party and they would give me a gift afterwards. It's brought him to so many people's living rooms. So I think that people come for inspiration. Mandy: Well, let's see You know, I took the lessons, but I never excelled.

Mandy: The only song for Latinas. Syracuse craiglist

heree But I just never had that love of dance. Because, I had to come to terms with the fact that he said something that I kind of always felt about myself.

I’m latino. i’m hispanic. and they’re different, so i drew a comic to explain. - vox

That never happens. Mandy: Like I was chosen. Latjna when I met Chita Rivera it was like But if you want to keep going, create your platform. This show will be relevant not just because of the history that it tells, but because of the history that we're building right now as a country.

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I had two college-educated, English-speaking, U. Mandy: You're like, "Oh, but I have dreams" and she's like, "Listen.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to You M4m hamilton, if you're an actor, if you're an artist, there's no way. And it's really up to you how far it's going to go. Alicia: It's so funny for those of us who fall in love with a soundtrack, because I feel like I know you. My first job was at Dean and Deluca. You know, I had so much admiration for Renee and what she created.

You guys, wait for me. But I didn't know that at 23 when I was just starting in this business. Alicia: What is it like being on that stage every night? So I created concerts, and I realized that I really loved it. I never got the splits.